About The Outlet

Do you remember writing in journals in public school? Do you remember how hard it was to write about anything back in those days, other than something to the effect of, “Tooday I weant to scool. We had reecess, it was fun.” Do you remember that one kid that always had to say out loud what he was writing, as he was writing it, and how much you wanted beat him with a yard stick, and then glue his lips shut with that “non-toxic” paste that, despite tasting very similar to Vicks Vapo-Rub with sugar in it, actually worked relatively well as an adhesive? Do you hate run-on sentences like that last one? Then you may find yourself at home here.

Looking back through the years and remembering that time of “coming of age,” which for me was somewhere between grades 7 and 8, I used to spend quite a bit of time writing in my journal. Not because I was told to or because it was part of some kind of homework, but because I enjoyed it immensely. Initially, I started writing on my dad’s old Tandy computer with some archaic word processor that didn’t really do any kind of word processing, other than making them appear on the screen as I typed them. I would write about anything in general – things that made me happy, things that made me sad, things that made me mad, or just things. Being somewhat of an emotional and sensitive person, this was the perfect way for me to express myself, even though I was normally the only one to read it. Having an audience was not a necessary requirement for my cause, although there was always that thought lingering in the back of my mind that someone would stumble upon my writing one day and inevitably read it, and then who knows. For me, it wasn’t so much the action of writing to someone as it was just writing in general, and getting my thoughts down so that maybe someday in the future I could go back and read them, and remember all my life lessons and how I reacted to certain situations. Sometimes I’d spend hours just reading my own journal, reminiscing about the past and conjuring up that feeling of nostalgia. I love nostalgia, by the way. I believe it should be classified as it’s own emotion.

At some point during grade 7, my mom bought me this relic of a computer for my room. It was an old IBM 8088 AT computer with a monochrome screen, and one of those keyboards that made those “click-spring” sounds as you typed on them. It had 256k of memory, which was later upgraded to 640k by adding a monsterous ISA card, a 30mb hard drive that sounded like someone dumped a bag of marbles in it, and for sound a PC speaker that was capable of a modest variety of beeps and blips to keep me entertained. Playing Funnels and Buckets was never more enjoyable… But the real gem in this lump of coal I had was, of course, a program to write in. Right away I started documenting my life, sometimes every day, until I was filling up entire 5 1/4″ floppy discs with my rambling. I was getting so good at typing that the “click-spring” sounds coming from my keyboard almost sounded like gunfire. At some point, the writing itself even started to become grammatically-correct, and some of the entries invoked a lot of emotion. I really enjoyed it, but not to the point where it interfered with my social life. I still had friends that I hung out with, and I think once I hit high school friends (and girls) became the bigger priority, so my journal got put on the back-burner.

So I’ve created this “blog,” as they call it nowadays, for a number of reasons. One, it gives me a chance to get back to my roots. I enjoyed writing in my journal back in those days, watching my life’s story unfold page by page on that orange and black screen, and going back and reading it just for fun. I’m very nostalgic, so this is a perfect way for me to re-live those days, in a sense. Two, everybody’s got an opinion about something, and I’m no exception. Although I don’t intend to document my life in it’s entirety in this blog, because that would take way too much time, I will document all the important things, and also occasionally write about random topics like video games, music, movies – whatever strikes me at the moment. Three, writing in this blog will hopefully sharpen my writing skills, as I think the lack of writing over the past few years has made it somewhat less-impactful, if that makes any sense. If I can attribute my writing skills to anything – and this is of course assuming the concensus is that I do have any kind of writing skills – I would have to say that writing in my journal helped a lot. Putting so much emotion into words that will (hopefully) affect other people emotionally is a lot harder than it sounds. I’ve often considered a career in writing, possibly in the form of a novel (I know, I like to jump in the deep end of the pool), so if I update this page consistently, perhaps it will build my confidence in tackling such a task. We’ll see.

So make yourself at home. Comments and e-mails are always welcome! Hopefully you will be entertained.



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